The Degu


The idea behind DEGU began while Jeffrey was still a student at the US Naval Academy. He and his friends participated in marathons and triathlons and they often pushed themselves to their physical limits, however, they never gave up. Jeffrey and his roommates had “DEGU” tattooed on their backs which stood for “Don’t Ever Give Up”, a mantra the Hogan family had embraced for years. These young men used the mantra as encouragement to themselves and their classmates.

Midshipmen are not supposed to get tattoos while at the Academy, and when a senior officer saw the tattoo, he made them look it up. What they found was a small mammal called a degu, a relative of the chinchilla. It was this discovery that launched the idea behind “DEGU”.

We are relating the small, industrious, and family oriented mammal with the acronym DEGU; “Don’t Ever Give Up”. As the degu helps and supports his family, we want to help and encourage you. We recognize that everyone of us, at any point in his or her life, faces some type of challenge. We like to say:

Life is a challenge in all that you do, just remember to DEGU!


Our mascot, and the small animal behind our logo, the degu, is a mammal from South America, found mainly in Central Chile. They are related to guinea pigs and chinchillas, and a community of degus is called a “group” or a “den”. The degu is a very social creature, living in communities in which the members help each other; digging burrows, nesting, and taking care of the young. Females nurse other pups besides their own and the males assist in keeping the pups warm and helping to raise them until they are old enough to leave to family. The entire community works together to forage for food and protect the nests.

The degus exist by helping each other; always there to “lend a hand”. They are extremely intelligent and have shown an ability to problem solve; they “Never Give Up”!

Our company and our mission is to remind you “Don’t Ever Give Up”. We all have challenges to meet every day, just like our small friend, the degu. Meet the Challenge! DEGU!

Our Degu is named is Bob, and here is what he has to say:

“I’m Bob the Degu and I’m here to say, we all have a challenge to meet every day. DON’T EVER GIVE UP is my message to you. That’s what I am! I’m a DEGU!”

To learn more about this intelligent and affectionate mammal, visit “Degutopia” or “Wikipedia”