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Exciting news!

Hello Friends and Fans!

We are inching ever closer to opening our online store! We have been adding our products to the store page but have a few more items to add. We also are just finishing up all of the “legal” aspects of owning an online store to make sure we’re up and ready to run. The other exciting news is that we had the opportunity to re-aquire our previous website and that should be finalized this week…what this means is that we’ll also have a much greater variety of products to offer you!! In the mean time, please check out the items we’ve listed in our store and be ready to take advantage of the sales we’re running.

Happy Monday!

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Welcome to DEGU

Hello DEGU fans,

We are in the process of getting our website and online store up and running! Please read and share our story with anyone you know that may need a little encouragement or help facing a challenge!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about DEGU, who we are and what we stand for, and also let us know if there are any specific products you are looking for.

Thanks for your patience, we hope to be fully up and running as soon as possible!

-The DEGU team