About Us

Bob and Marlys

DEGU, LLC is a small, family owned business which seeks to support anyone and everyone who is facing a challenge in their life. We live by the motto “Don’t Ever Give Up” and encourage you to do the same.

Our family has faced medical, personal, academic and physical challenges, and we never gave up. It is this reason that our company was formed, and it represents you; people who face challenges every day.


DEGU, LLC was founded by Marlys Hogan in 2008 in memory of her late husband Robert (Bob) Hogan. Bob was an amazing person; a wonderful man, husband, father, friend, ER nurse and Navy veteran. He was diagnosed with melanoma in 1999. Bob endured countless surgeries, chemo, radiation and melanoma vaccines, but he never gave up and he always kept his sense of humor and self-worth.

Bob and Marlys had 2 sons, Christopher and Jeffrey, both of whom attended the United States Naval Academy. During their time at the US Naval Academy, both faced physical and academic challenges, and were often pushed to their limits, but they never gave up. They both now serve our great country as Officers and Aviators in the US Navy.

Bob survived long enough to see Christopher earn his Naval Aviator wings and Jeffrey graduate from the US Naval Academy. Two weeks before Bob died, he was honored at Chris’ winging as a decorated Vietnam Veteran. Bob passed away on November 29, 2005; and although the cancer had won, he retained his optimism and love for his family until the day he died.

DEGU, LLC was formed and launched into a company as an answer to Marlys’ personal challenge. It is our hope, as a family and company, that you will find some comfort and motivation to triumph over the particular challenges you are facing in your life. We embrace the little animal called a degu in the chance that you will find some whimsy in his name and our acronym DEGU; Don’t Ever Give Up! We want to encourage you and remind you that everyone is facing a challenge their life.

We care and welcome you to share your particular challenge on our website.